Academy Level 1
1 Split Bonus



Academy Level 2
1 Split Bonus



Academy Level 3
1 Split Bonus



Academy Level 4
1 Split Bonus



Academy Level 5
1 Split Bonus



Academy Level 6
2 Splits Bonus



Academy Level 7
2 Splits Bonus



Academy Level 8
2 Splits Bonus



Academy Level 9
3 Splits Bonus



Academy Level 10
3 Splits Bonus



Academy Level 11
3 Splits Bonus

SwissCoin The Next Generation Cryptocurrency

In the middle of the financial crises of 2008 a new technology was introduced to the economic world, a ledger called Blockchain. From the blockchain technology a new currency was created, a digital currency also called crypto currency. The world first crypto currency Bitcoin was now born. This was the first currency in the world that wasn’t issued by any government or bank. This was the people’s currency, free from government insights. Since a crypto currency is created with cryptography it’s inflation protected and can be compared with precious metals.

But because Bitcoin was a pioneer it also has some design flaws and capacity issues, it also requires huge amounts of computer powers to generate coins today. Another issue that has been around since start is that it’s anonymous, so some countries has already banned bitcoin and it will never become fully accepted by the banking world because of this.

Bitcoin started it’s trading at the low $ 0.02 per coin and 4 years later it was traded at over $ 1100 / bitcoin, todays value is around $ 600 per coin. This has made some people around the world very wealthy and unfortunately a lot of us missed that chance.

Believe it or not, but the chance has really come again and you have opportunity to become a real crypto millionaire by the end of 2016.

The 1st of May 2016 a bitcoin alternative was launched, a crypto currency created in Switzerland called Swiss coin. Swisscoins developers decided to create a fully traceable currency that governments and banks will accept as a real currency. The Swisscoin Blockchain went live on the 4th of June 2016 and started mining their first batch of coins at the lowest possible value of € 0.1.

With bitcoins huge price today, you basically have to be rich to become a crypto millionaire with your bitcoins. Imaging if you had spent $ 1000 in 2009 on bitcoins. That would have given you ($ 1000 / $ 0.02) 50 000 BTC with the value of $ 30 000 0000 at todays value. But like we said the bitcoin ship has sailed, but rest assure the digital gold rush is here again and it’s for real this time.

It is very important to know how Swisscoin works for the people who are using this. So here is how the Swisscoin works. Usually, you start using Swisscoin by using or buying a trainee pack. In this, you can receive coins up to from €25 to €15,000.

After selecting the pack you get you amount of tokens. Tokens are invested into mining in which by tokens they pay the cost of producing the coins. The coins are produced in steps which are called as splits. There is a split indicator that shows the process of the split. For 1 token you will receive 1 swiss coin. So in this way you can earn more money.

  • Trainee (25 EUR) – 200 tokens
  • Tester-50 (50 EUR) – 500 tokens
  • Tester-100 (100 EUR) – 1000 tokens
  • Tester-250 (250 EUR) – 2500 tokens
  • Tester-500 (500 EUR) – 5000 tokens
  • Trader-1000 (1000 EUR) – 10,000 tokens
  • Crypto-Trader (2500 EUR) – 25,000 tokens
  • Crypto-Maker (5000 EUR) – 60,000 tokens
  • Crypto-Broker (7500 EUR) – 90,000 tokens
  • Crypto-Manager (10,000 EUR) – 120,000 tokens
  • Crypto-Director (15,000 EUR) – 200,000 tokens

How to Create a Account on SwissCoin

The registration process for SwissCoin is very easy and it is absolutely free of cost. You can start the swisscoin registration process by directly going into the official website or by someone’s affiliated link. First, go to the registration link that is provided to you.

You will find the registration process in a European language. So for your convenience, it is better to translate it into the language of your choice. And then fill up the form with all the details and submit it.If in case any error occurs you can try it later. It the registration is completed you will get 100 coins into your account.

For this, you need to complete your profile and then you must verify your bank details by uploading your proof of address and proof of identity which shows that a replication of your profile is completed. After all, you can start earning money by swiss coin login and adding it to your account very easily.

The percentage paid on how much a down line cumulatively invested

  • €800  – 2% commission
  • €4000 – 4% commission
  • €8,000 – 6% commission
  • €20,000 – 8% commission
  • €40,000 – 10% commission
  • €80,000 – 12% commission
  • €200,000 – 14% commission
  • €400,000 – 16% commission
  • €800,000 – 18% commission
  • €4,000,000 – 20% commission
  • €8,000,000 – 22% commission

SwissCoin pays commission to their affiliates based on the level they are at.

  • Level 1 (personally referred affiliates) – 5% corresponding bonus
  • Level 2 – 10% corresponding bonus
  • Level 3 – 15% corresponding bonus
  • Level 4 – 20% corresponding bonus
  • Level 5 – 15% corresponding bonus
  • Level 6 – 10% corresponding bonus
  • Level 7 – 5% corresponding bonus
  • Level 8 – 4% corresponding bonus
  • Level 9 – 3% corresponding bonus
  • Level 10 – 2% corresponding bonus
  • Level 11 – 1% corresponding bonus

SwissCoin affiliates are rewarded with bonuses for achieving certain ranks

  • Pear: a Mont Blanc keychain
  • Sapphire: a Mont Blanc pen
  • Ruby: €500
  • Emerald: €1000 and a MacBook Air
  • Diamond: €2000
  • Blue Diamond: A stainless steel Rolex watch or €5000
  • Green Diamond: a “Diamond trip for 2” or €10,000
  • Purple Diamond: a gold Rolex watch or €20,000
  • Red Diamond: €100,000
  • Black Diamond: €250,000 and a “house in the location of your choice” or another €200,000
  • Double Black Diamond: €1,500,000 and another “house in the location of your choice” or another €400,000

Diamond Pool is built with 1% of all the funds determined by the following ranks:

  • Diamond – 1 share
  • Blue Diamond – 2 shares
  • Green Diamond – 3 shares
  • Purple Diamond – 4 shares
  • Red Diamond – 5 shares
  • Black Diamond – 6 shares
  • Double Black Diamond – 7 shares

How to Buy SwissCoin Tokens

You need to invest some money at first it is like stock marketing. And the invested money will be converted into SwissCoin tradings. You can gain more profit and get more money by using SwissCoin.

In SwissCoin you can increase your winnings by participating in the affiliate programs. By this, you will get more and more profit. So you can start earning money and convert it the coins into money into your bank account.